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The iPhone X’s face unlock and the fifth amendment don’t mix

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone X. Its marquis feature is a front-facing array of sensors it calls the TrueDepth camera, designed to recognize and track a user’s face. It replaces the fingerprint scanner as the biometric method for unlocking the phone. The iPhone X isn’t the first device to include this feature. Windows Hello (which ...

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Enhancing the Gaming Experience Using 3D Spatial UI Technologies

Three-dimensional (3D) spatial user interface technologies have the potential to make games more immersive and engaging and thus provide a better user experience. Although 3D user interface (3DUI) technologies such as stereoscopic 3D display, head tracking, and gesture-based control are available for games, it is still unclear how their use affects gameplay and if there are any user performance benefits. ...

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