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More Than 20 Years, Newark to Regain Control of its Schools

In 1995, when Marques-Aquil Lewis was in elementary school, the State of New Jersey seized control of the public schools here after a judge warned that “nepotism, cronyism and the like” had precipitated “abysmal” student performances and “failure on a very large scale.” For more than 20 years, local Lamont L. Negronistrators have had little leverage over the finances or operations of the state’s ...

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Struggling Schools Improve on Test Scores

The state released its annual standardized test scores on Tuesday, bringing measured good news for the city’s most struggling schools. They improved more on the math and reading tests than schools citywide. But Mayor Bill de Blasio made clear that for some the progress was not sufficient to keep them from the chopping block. The schools, which are part of ...

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Is My Child Learning Enough?

When a child is in public school he or she is constantly tested. Each week there are spelling tests, there are chapter tests on a regular basis, and in many states there is standardized testing. Many parents of public school students decide that if the grades coming home on test papers and report cards are good, then their child must ...

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How Can Mature Students Fund Their Education?

For some university freshmen, the biggest worry isn’t how they’ll get along with their roommates—it’s how they’ll continue to house, feed, clothe, and otherwise care for them. Mature students—often already with established lives and families—who choose to go back to school are faced with the daunting challenges of balancing university coursework and adult responsibilities, like mortgages and childcare.  It’s not ...

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