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4 Ways Owning a Dog Saves You Money

Take a fresh new look at owning a dog, and find out why it could save you a boatload in the long run. Time to Cash In You probably already know how great it is to own a dog – but did you know that having one can actually earn you money? Sure, dog costs can range anywhere from $400 ...

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What To Do When a Pet Goes Missing

A missing pet often turns up-a little bedraggled and hungry, but no worse for wear. The longer a pet is missing, however, the greater its risk of becoming seriously ill or suffering a road accident. Here’s what to do to find your lost pet promptly. When A Pet Goes Missing: Immediate Response 1. Comb your house and garden. Cats and small dogs can get ...

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12 Things Your Vet Won’t Tell You

1. “People always ask, ‘How do you handle pit bulls and rottweilers and big German shepherds?’ The truth is, the dogs that scare me most are the little Chihuahuas. They’re much more likely to bite.”-Mark Howes, DVM, owner and medical director of Berglund Animal Hospital in Evanston, Illinois 2. “We know when you’re twisting the facts. If your dog has a ...

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So You Need To Buy Some Stuff For Your Dog

So you’re in the market to buy some dog stuff. Maybe you’re a new dog owner, or maybe you’re a longtime dog owner who’s sick of your dog’s crumbling old possessions. Either way, here’s a guide to shopping for some new supplies for your dog. Car Carriers Car carriers can help keep your dog safer, as well as more comfortable, while ...

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