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Feeling at Home with Your Pet

Whether you’re a new pet owner or simply thinking of inviting one into your family, there are a lot of things to consider. Some animals can be more difficult than others, some just harder to understand. This article outlines how to make the best out of being a new owner, for you and your pet. Vacation with your pets This ...

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4 Tips for Travelling With Pets in Tow

Tips for vacationing with your animals in tow.But most don’t allow guests to leave animals unattended, and some accept only dogs of a certain size. Call ahead to learn about your hotel’s policies. Focus on Pup-Friendly Destinations Many cities are starting to cater to ­animal-loving tourists. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary have off-leash parks and pet hotels, and Saskatoon offers a handful of ...

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4 Signs Your Pet Might Be Unwell

The signs aren’t always obvious when your pet is sick. According to the Montreal SPCA, a healthy pet is one that is content, alert, active, has an appetite and maintains an appropriate weight for his type and breed. Since cats and dogs can’t complain when feeling unwell, you have to watch for changes in behaviour and routine. (Cats especially may ...

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4 Fat Cat Workout Tips

If you’re cat is overweight, chances are you know how hard it can be to get them back in shape. Try these quick, easy techniques to get Fluffy fit again. Use Toys Teresa Chu, a Saskatoon veterinarian, says: “Cats tend to be attracted to small birds or to rodents.” To find out if your pet responds best to toys that dangle in ...

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