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8 Sneaky Fashion Tricks

All black is always chic, but other dark colours are equally slimming. Give deep greens, reds, and blues a try: The monochrome look will create a long vertical line, making your body seem tall and lean. Style Caster advises keeping the outfit crisp and tailored, and staying away from the lighter end of the colour spectrum.

Cinch it

For loose-fitting blouses, cardigans, and tunics, add a skinny belt. Stay away from anything too thick; a chunky belt will cut your body in half, which will make you look shorter.

Choose your stripes and prints

Vertical stripes (think pinstriped pants and pencil skirts) elongate your figure. To accentuate your waist, kick it up a notch with diagonal stripes, which will give you the length of a vertical stripe plus an added cinching effect. For a simple way to try this look, start with a diagonally striped wrap dress.

Update your outerwear

A coat that hits mid-thigh adds length to your figure. Other features to look for in outerwear are belts or drawstrings that create a cinched waste. A trench coat usually does the trick.

Try a high rise

Experiment with high-waisted, slim-fitting jeans in dark denim or black. The higher waist will make your legs appear longer, especially when paired with a tucked in blouse or tee, or even a slightly cropped top. To keep the look modern, only buy pairs with a zipper fly (not an elastic waistband) that hit just above your belly button.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Skin-toned and pointy toed shoes with no ankle straps elongate the line of your leg. For added style, try a pump with a low-cut vamp (meaning that the portion of the shoe that sits across your toes should run as close to your toes as possible). For jewelry, look for pieces with length. Long necklaces and drop earrings will add to your outfit’s vertical effect.

Find your flare

A-line dresses or skirts add the perfect amount of volume to your lower body while also accentuating your waist. The ideal hemline for anything A-line is just above the knee.

Keep your bag proportionate

Oversized totes aren’t flattering on most bodies. For a big night out, try to pack your essentials down to a mid-sized bag or clutch.

Tailor the perfect sleeve

Three-quarter length sleeves are considered the most universally flattering sleeve length, according to WhoWhatWear. For long sleeves, tailor them to hit the wrist.